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We have a team of experienced technicians, door technicians, skilled in the field of repair and installation of rolling doors, 
sliding doors, automatic doors, we ensure to overcome all problems when the door is broken. broken, bring peace of mind to customers.
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Rescue Hai Phong Rolling Door Service of rolling door repair, repair of equipment and accessories such as motor (rolling door motor) rolling door, electric shutter door, control arm, remote wave receiver box, reverse gate and gate board accessories, ..

Maintenance of all kinds of Australian technology rolling doors (Australian Technology Instant Door Roll (Austdoor, Smartdoor, Newdoor).

Aluminum rolling door, rolling door with damaged motor or hand pull, Australian rolling door.

- Specialized in repairing technology door AluDoor Hung Phu Thanh, ALLUDOOR Khai Duc Thanh, MITADOOR, NEWDOOR, AUSTDOOR, SMARTDOOR, DEDO, HAPPYDOOR, TITADOOR, Safetydoor, Boodoor, ..)

Including types of double-layer aluminum rolling doors, high-grade aluminum rolling doors, German technology rolling doors, fire-resistant rolling doors, open-slot rolling doors.)

Repairing all kinds of door motors Gone, remote, Remote receiver (fixing rolling door control), gate motor, automatic door, etc.

Repair electricity storage tanks ups repair UPS circuits, replace rolling door batteries.

Specializing in Taiwan rolling door repair (Motor rolling door, rolling spring rolling door, kiosk, workshop, town house, housing, Taiwan pull door, folding door ..)

- Taiwan Pull Door repair specialist repair all kinds of maintenance (stainless steel sliding door, sound sliding door, live sliding door ...

You will receive a pre-repair quote, genuine replacement parts.

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